If you are issued a Notice to Appear by Law Enforcement, you are being charged with a misdemeanor crime.  Depending on the charge, you can face up to 60 days or a year in jail, in addition to probation and fines.  You must hire counsel or appear in person in court on the date stated on your notice.  If you hire the attorneys at The Law Office of Robertson & Hunter, we will provide you with a waiver of appearance and appear at your hearings on your behalf.  In most misdemeanor cases, you will not have to come back to the Florida Keys to resolve your case.  The lawyers at Robertson & Hunter will work diligently to resolve your case though a dismissal, a diversion program, or a probationary plea.  In many situations, time is of the essence when hiring an attorney.  Our lawyers can attempt to preserve evidence that may otherwise be disposed of if you wait to hire counsel.  Call our office for a complimentary consultation and let us handle your legal matter.