Traffic Tickets

Most people do not realize that simply paying their ticket results in a conviction of the infraction and, many times, points on their license. With a conviction and points on one’s license comes increased insurance costs and the possibility for suspension if a certain number of points accumulate over time.

The vast majority of civil traffic citations are governed by Florida Statutes Chapters 316 and 322. The most common infractions are speeding, careless driving, and failure to obey a traffic control device (running a stop sign or red light). Of course there are many other infractions one may be charged with, such as driving while license suspended.

Speeding, 15 mph or less, is a three (3) point infraction. Speeding, 16 mph or above, is a four (4) point infraction. Most other moving violations are three (3) point infractions unless the infraction involved an accident. The following link provides a chart of the point totals for various traffic infractions: Traffic Points Chart.

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