Child Custody

When the Courts are making decisions about Child Custody, their primary concern will be the well being of the child.  The preference of the Courts will be that both parents have the opportunity to make an impact on the child’s life.  This often results in a “shared parenting plan.”  In a shared parenting situation, both parents will have a role in major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, such as decisions about healthcare, education, religion and all other major decisions.  However, the Court may also conclude that one parent is unfit to parent safely and effectively.  In this situation, the Court will award sole parental custody to one parent.

The Florida Keys Lawyers at the Law Office of Robertson & Hunter, LLP can assist you in formulating an effective parenting plan that will be accepted by the Courts.  A good parenting plan sets forth the child’s time with each parent, including clear arrangements for holidays and vacation time. Parenting plans help ensure both parents have the opportunity to have an impact on their child’s life and share in the joys and responsibilities of parenting. It is most important, throughout the legal process and beyond, that the best interests of the children be the center and core of these plans.

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