Criminal Defense

At the Florida Keys Law Office of Robertson and Hunter, LLP, we understand that being involved with the criminal justice system can be confusing and frightening. If you have been arrested or were given a notice to appear in County Court you should contact us immediately. We are a full service law office that will attend your first appearance to present argument concerning the terms of your pre-trial release and will walk you through your case until it is resolved.


If you are from out of town, the attorneys at the Law Office of Robertson & Hunter, LLP can execute forms that waive your appearance at your initial court proceedings, such that you do not have to make plans to travel back and forth from your hometown.

Traffic Cases:
Driving Under the Influence
Boating Under the Influence
Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
All traffic tickets

Theft Crimes:
Petit Theft
Retail Theft
Grand Theft

Miscellaneous Misdemeanors:
Disorderly Conduct
Possession of an Open Container

Misdemeanor and Felony

Drug Charges:
Possession of Paraphernalia
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Possession of Cocaine
Possession with Intent to Sell

Assault & Battery Cases:
Domestic Battery
Simple Battery
Aggravated Battery
Aggravated Assault
All Major Felony Cases